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    Tips for Staging Your Home Like a Pro

    Tips for Staging Your Home Like a Pro

    Trying to sell your home? The key is to make it appeal to its future owner. When staging your home to sell, here are a few do’s and don’ts to guide you to staging your home like a pro:


    Staging Tips - Update Appliances

    …update kitchen appliances.

    The newness of the kitchen has an immense impact on the overall feel of the house. If you put new appliances in your kitchen, it will have more appeal and increase the home’s overall value.

    …clear out the clutter.

    Potential homeowners want to picture what it would be like if they were living in your home, not you. Limit the number of personal mementos, and show off the spaciousness of each room by not overloading it with unnecessary items.

    …use natural light.

    Open all curtains to let the sun come in. Natural light has much more appeal than lamplight and offers a fresher feel to each room.

    …repurpose unused rooms.

    Do you have rooms that are mostly used to collect junk? Show that each room has a purpose by transforming them into spare bedrooms, craft rooms, etc.




    …show your dirty side.

    Nothing repels potential homebuyers faster than a smudge of dirt. Scrub, dust and wash every surface from ceiling to floor before every showing. Most importantly, neutralize all smells.


    …make it too sterile.

    On the flip side, no home should resemble a hospital. Add a vase of fresh flowers, scenic artwork and a splash of color to your décor so that it gives off a welcoming vibe.


    …forget about your outdoor living space.

    Landscaping matters, too! Make sure the lawn is mowed, shrubs are pruned and all patio furniture is clean. Adding a few curb appeal boosters can also add to the overall outdoor aesthetics.

    Tips for staging your master bedroom

    …make the master bedroom too frilly.

    Aim for a gender-neutral decorating approach to the master bedroom. If it looks too feminine, male homebuyers may have a difficult time getting onboard.

    Follow these guidelines to create an inviting atmosphere that will undoubtedly attract the attention of its future owner. Need help with the home buying or home selling process? Give us a call at 970-336-1185.

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