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    Get to Know Our Team – Carrie

    Get to Know Our Team – Carrie


    Name/position: Carrie Walker, Mortgage Consultant

    Favorite color M&M? I think I’d have to say green, even though they all taste the same…but I really like green as a color in general.


    Hometown: I am originally from the Greeley area until my family moved to Cope, Colorado (Eastern Colorado) when I was in 4th grade, this is where my family farmed. I moved back here to attend college and have been here ever since!

    Fun fact about you: Grew up on a farm and embraced every aspect of being a farm girl.

    Time in mortgage industry: I have been in the real estate industry/banking/mortgage industry since actually 1988

    Hero: My Mom, my husband and daughters (and now the son-in-laws, too). They tease me about the “mommy book” that actually has never been written, but it’s my guide to life that I hopefully have passed down to my girls by the time they are mothers.

    Favorite athlete: Tyler Weber, my son-in-law…I am learning to appreciate ice hockey and watching him play.

    Favorite spot in Greeley: Downtown Greeley!

    Anthem song: “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood

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