It may seem like summer is still in full swing, but back-to-school is just around the corner. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your home ready – makes sure your students are set for success when the bell rings. Here are some tips to start getting your home ready now.

Create a designated place for homework.
Whether it’s cleaning off the desk in your child’s bedroom or setting up a study station at the kitchen table, a clean and designated workspace is key to helping kids focus. Make it a no cellphone zone to help kids focus on schoolwork. Keep items like pencils, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, calculators and extra paper handy. And let all of your kids work together in one place if they want. When homework doesn’t feel like an isolated tasks, it may be easier to get them ready to study.

Purge and then organize closets.
Make space in your children’s closets for them to plan and prepare their clothes for each week. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or are too “used” to wear anymore. Are there other things in their closet you can get rid of? Old games, puzzles, book bags that are “so uncool”? Make space by donating these things to charity and make space in your morning for getting out the door. If you’re really organized, encourage your kids to gather their outfits for every school day during the week. What a treat to not hear, “I have nothing to wear.”

Organize the kitchen.
Organize all of your lunchtime essentials like lunch boxes, sandwich bags, napkins, plastic containers and any non-perishable food items in one place for easy grab-and-go mornings. Prepare baggies of items like chips, nuts, carrots and celery for the week. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll save money on last-minute lunches that have to be purchased and a lot of time in the morning.

Make leaving easier.
Find a place where your kids can store their backpacks, coats, boots and other morning essentials the night before and make sure they put these items there every night. If they can just grab their backpack off a hook and walk out the door, you’re saving time waving from the door as they catch the bus, rather than driving them in morning traffic.

Change your routine now.
If heading back to school is a headache because you have to get back into the routine, start now! Give yourself and your family a break by going to bed a little earlier and getting up a little earlier each day. When the big day comes, no one will notice that they are starting their mornings at 6:00 instead of 10:00.

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to chaos.  With a little planning your house and your family can be school-ready in no time.


Source: Universal Lending Home Loans