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    Why Fall and Winter May be the Best Time to Sell Your Home

    Why Fall and Winter May be the Best Time to Sell Your Home

    Summer is saying its farewell. And with cooler temperatures, we usually see a cooling in the housing market. But before you put your intentions to sell your current home on the back burner, take a minute to consider all the reasons now is the RIGHT time to sell a home.

    There’s less competition.

    No matter where you are, it’s a sellers’ market right now. But in the fall and winter, you’ll have an even bigger leg up on the competition with fewer homes on the market. This may pay off big time, making it easier for you to sell your home at the right price.

    Fall and winter homebuyers are ready to make move.

    Spring and summer buyers may be easing into the market. They know it’s home buying season, so they stick their toe into the water. But fall and winter home buyers are serious purchasers. They really are planning to make a move, and in this tight market, that will work out well for the home seller.

    Your agent can make different and potentially more accurate plans to market your home.

    Because most parents don’t want to move their kids in the middle of the school year, it may be easier for your real estate agent to market more accurately to the true potential buyers – perhaps young professionals with no kids, older adults looking to downsize, people hoping to start a family “someday.” Often, these are the people more likely to make a move in the fall.

    Note: This is a great reason to work with a listing agent and not try to sell your home on your own. An agent will know who the most likely buyers of your property are and will know how to reach them.

    You could save money.

    You won’t be hiring movers during the busiest time of the year, so they may offer you a less expensive rate than “peak moving season.” Everyone likes a bargain, so consider how much money you might save by selling in the fall.

    Fall colors are great for curb appeal.

    Run a rake over your yard, put out a few fall flowers and a fresh welcome mat, and your house can be read for fall in no time at all. Don’t discount the beauty of the season when it comes to curb appeal. If you’re selling in the winter, make sure you keep your home freshly shoveled and well lit.

    Homeowners will be home for the holidays.

    If you sell in the fall, you’ll be in your new home by the time the holidays roll around, and the new owners of your house will also be home. That’s a big bonus. A lot of homebuyers picture themselves at home and settled in time for the holidays to roll around.

    You may find your dream home easier.

    You may be able to sell your home easier in the fall or winter, and surprisingly, you may be able to find your dream home in the fall or winter, too. In the summer homes move faster because there are more buyers out looking. In the fall or winter, even in a tight sellers’ market, you may find you have a little more time to make your move.

    No matter when you decide to make your move out of your home and into your new home, we encourage you to solicit the help of a trusted real estate partner. A real estate agent can make selling your home easier and more profitable for you. Happy fall and happy house selling!

    Source: Universal Lending Home Loans

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