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In 2000, Tonya Jenkins (“TJ”) had been in the mortgage business for seven years. She had worked as a single loan originator at a local bank and then moved to a manager of a regional mortgage company. She found herself wanting to build a mortgage team, which is when Home Team Lending was born.

TJ had a vision of trying to systemize the mortgage process. She sat down and made a list of the “ideal loan process” with the customer in mind. To do this at the level that she wanted required her to recruit top notch, high quality team players to fill in each important role. Getting a mortgage is more than filling out an application. It is the largest investment you might make. Her goal was to build long-lasting relationships with clients by providing professional, high-quality mortgage services.  And she couldn’t do that alone. It truly takes a team to close a mortgage.

As her career and business have grown, TJ discovered a passion for teaching and educating our clients and the community about the home-buying process. Sometimes educating is just answering questions about your current mortgage. Sometimes it is referring you to other local professionals. Other times it is running payments on a new home or refinance. Whatever the need, we’ll be here to help you along the way.

We know life is busy.  Getting a mortgage can be complicated, but remember, our team is here to help you along the way. Our reputation in this market will be an asset to your offer. If you are wanting to work with local, experienced, mortgage team players, then Home Team Lending would like to apply for the job.

Home Team Lending is a division of Universal Lending Corporation

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Our Core Purpose

To create long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing professional and high quality lending services in a welcoming environment.

Our Core Values

Excellence. Quality first.
Positivity. Optimistic attitude.
Growth. Constantly improving.
Compassion. For who we serve.
Integrity. In our work.
Communication. Direct and open.
Service. Giving back to our community.

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