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    5 Reasons to Talk to a Lender Before Buying

    5 Reasons to Talk to a Lender Before Buying

    Buying a home is tricky business, and not just for first time homebuyers. Universal Lending Corporation, our parent company, shares a few reasons why consulting a good mortgage lender before looking for the perfect home can make the job easier:

    1. Get to Know Your Financial State

    We can review your credit report and let you know if you might need to correct any errors, recommend the best loan option, and introduce you to the best programs for your specific needs.

    1. Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage Loan

    Before shopping for that home, you’ll want to get pre-qualified, pre-approved or best yet… a performance guarantee. This will provide the strongest letter for your offer.

    1. Find the Best Real Estate Agent

    Once we help you get qualified, you’ll be able to choose from numerous qualified real estate agents who have their thumb on the pulse of the home buying industry and our local market. We can help recommend some quality agents if you don’t already have a Realtor.

    1. Look Good to Sellers

    Doing your homework up front allows you to make a competitive offer and shows sellers that you are serious about buying a home. Having a letter from a mortgage professional helps the seller know you have done your homework.

    1. Get Your Home Faster

    Talking to a lender helps you get organized beforehand so that you can avoid last-minute financial setbacks and obtain your dream home faster.

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