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    • 07 JUL 15
    How to Remove Mortgage Insurance

    How to Remove Mortgage Insurance

    What is the best way to remove Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) from my loan? We get this question quite often. And sometimes this comes even before someone buys a home. The bottom line is that Mortgage Insurance doesn’t cover you the homeowner. It covers the lender if you default. We all hope we are not going to

    • 23 JUN 15

    Credit Myths & Truths

    Welcome to the second article in our credit series – myths and truths about your credit score. You may have heard through the grape vine a great way to improve your credit or something that you should never do out of fear for hurting your score. Well, we’ve gathered the most common questions and boiled

    • 10 JUN 15

    Tips to Improve Your Credit

    We’ve created a series of blog posts to create a guide to understanding your scores. Because unless you’re in the industry, the scores…and reasons for the scores can be a tad confusing and complicated. We have tips to improve your credit as well as credit myths and truths (coming soon). So, first things first, here

    • 21 MAY 15
    GHOPE | Greeley Home Ownership Program for Employees

    GHOPE | Greeley Home Ownership Program for Employees

    When you think of a word that you want to move your community, HOPE, is a good one. Another thing that is good four our community, is having higher rates of Home Ownership. Did you know that people who own homes… Have kids that have higher academic achievement. Have better connected families. Are healthier. Are